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It becomes mandatory for students to choose their subject stream after class X, which greatly determines their choice of career.

Choosing the right stream is difficult and not merely “follow your passion” advice. Career is a major part of one’s life and an important source of fulfilment.. Making this critical choice, you require deep thinking. Self discovery is the first step towards your stream selector and career assessment plan. It is a process that should start early in life, and high school is the first level for framing your ideas towards “choosing a sure career path through the right stream”.

What stream should I take? Choosing an area to study starts with:

  • Research
  • Introspection
  • Conversation

High school students study broadly all major subjects from Science to Humanities and are aware of their interests. This can be the focal point for a career discussion. CAT Test provides the right questions to assess your interest and talents in order to shortlist career choices and check what suits your personality.

There are numerous emerging career options and once this list relating to the subjects of your interest is ready, you can take your career discussion to next level, with your family and friends. Talk about careers with people who are already working in those domains. Skilful research is power! Having firsthand insights from someone who is working in your inclined field can help you determine if this may be a good career path for you to pursue.

If you have faith in the future you want and if you can commit 100% hard work, we have experience Career Counsellors in every stream to guide and ensure that the rest will fall into place.

Self Discovery – Your First Step in Career Planning


For 9 - 12th class


For 9 - 12th class