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Miss Rajeswaree Basu has completed her Masters in Applied Psychology from the University
of Calcutta. She has technical knowledge and expertise in psychological testing including IQ
test and psychometric test using various tools like Wechsler’s Intelligence scale, Binetkamat
test of Intelligence, Rorschach Inkblot test of personality, Thematic Apperception Test for
children as well as for adults. Further, her therapeutic skills lie in administering
psychoanalytic, cognitive-behavior therapy and other eclectic therapy forms among children
suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome, low IQ, learning disability, physical
disability, and among adults with somatic disorders, depression and geriatric problems
Currently she is a guest lecturer at the Creative Arts Therapy Department, Rabindrabharati
University, course coordinator and guest lecturer in George College of Management and
Science. She is also a consultant child psychologist and special educator for Calcutta Rescue
and Change Mantras.



Mrs Mahmooda Khatoon has completed her Master’s in mathematics, Master’s in Computer Application and Bachelor of Education, from the University of Calcutta.

With her varied work experience as a senior software developer in firms as well as a senior professor in a reputed Bed college, she has the technical knowledge and expertise in career counselling. Further, her interest in psychoanalytic, study of breakthrough technology and upcoming career trends, makes her an adept career expert. She is associated with various NGOs providing education and vocational training to children.