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Kindergarten girl sexually assaulted in Kolkata school by senior students

  • Aug 22, 2019, 14:12 IST | Ei Samay
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KOLKATA: A kindergarten student was allegedly sexually assaulted by senior girl students on the premises of a reputed school in Kolkata. The child has been admitted to a private hospital in Khidirpur area. Following the incident, parents of other students held protests in front of the school gate demanding immediate action against the accused students. Out of the three accused, only one Class IX student has been identified till now. According to the parents of the victim child, the girl was not willing to go to school and was afraid to speak about the incident. The parents alleged that on last Monday the accused girls had taken the child to the washroom and sexually tortured her. When the child reached home, she narrated the incident to her parents. Parents of other students also alleged that even after getting the complaint, the school has not taken any step. When asked to show CCTV footage, the school could not provide it. A spokesperson from the school located on Diamond Harbour road said, "We are considering the case with utmost importance. We will do everything to help the student." Kolkata Police DC Syed Waqar Reza said, "Though the family has not lodged any formal complaint, we are monitoring the incident."

Read this story in Bangla (The victim's identity has not been revealed to protect her privacy as per Supreme Court directives on cases related to sexual assault)