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Panjab University students paying 6 months' hostel fee to live for month

CHANDIGARH: Panjab University Campus Student Council (PUCSC) vice-president Rahul Kumar has written to the university authorities demanding rollback of the hostel policy that requires students to pay the hostel fee for the entire semester even if they are allotted the hostel for one month during the semester. "The students who are being allotted hostel now in November are being asked to pay the semester fee from July till December. How is this justified? PU is collecting full semester's hostel fee twice from students for the same room - first from the student who has evacuated the room and again from the student who occupies it next," said Rahul. He has written to the registrar demanding that the rule be rolled back. In his letter, Rahul wrote, "Since the provision of online hostel fee has been approved, students have to shell out extra money out of their pockets even though a student is admitted in hostel in the middle of the semester. The hostel rules should be amended and students should be able to pay fee on a monthly basis. Moreover, the extra fee collected from the students should be refunded." Rahul said that the online fee rule was rolled out in 2017 and since then the students have been facing this problem. PU registrar Prof Karamjeet Singh, to whom the students submitted the letter, said he had sent it to dean of student welfare Prof Emanual Nahar for consideration. Prof Nahar said the present rules cannot be changed immediately as any amendment requires the nod of the syndicate and the senate. "However, if it is about the welfare of the students, then we will definitely review the rules and make provisions to benefit them," he maintained.